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Have a problem or a question? If so we want to hear from you. Most pool stores, while doing a remarkable and beneficial service by testing pool and spa water are generally not familiar with ionizers and may not be in a position to provide all the  facts. Send an e-mail using the link below,add  your contact information including , at your discretion  your phone number in addition to your e-mail address.

To help with a pool or spa water chemistry problem you must provide current readings for copper,pH, total alkalinity. Also, anything unusual like accidentally adding an unknown chemical, heavy storms, unusual bathing load. Rural pools and spas are sometimes compromised in the spring when area farmers spray fertilizer to the corn fields and the spray drifts in the wind. 

We have outlined all of benefits in the previous pages such as soft natural feeling water, lower operating costs,safety of operation, non corroding, environmentally friendly (no salt) and so on.

If you have a question you would like personally answered just fill in the form on the lower right.

For even more information including some DIY videos click the link lower left. Recommended!

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Includes DIY installation videos

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