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  • I do not need or use chlorine with a ClearBlue Silver Water system.

This is dependent on the local authority.  Canada Health Canada mandates a level 0f 0.6 in a pool and 1.0 in a spa. This is a very low level, easy to maintain as the ionizer does not effect pH or total alkalinity. Also, the ionizer will do most of the 'heavy lifting' greatly reducing the amount of all chemicals used - up to 75%.

Other jurisdictions may nor require any chlorine be used. Check with the local authorities.

  • Do I need to  oxidize (shock) my pool if I use ClearBlue?

ClearBlue is a disinfectant system which uses silver to kill bacteria and virus, and copper to kill algae. Zink is used to prevent staining on the pool liner and is beneficial to the skin. Organic materials such as insects, leaves, body oils, suntan lotion, shampoo, deodorant, hair gel, make-up etc. may need to be removed through oxidation. Because the ions will tend to co-coagulate these contaminants oxidation (super chlorinate or shock) generally is not needed.  An oxidizer such as  a non-chlorine oxidizer recommended if 'burn out' organic material. .


  • Will ClearBlue filter the water?

No. ClearBlue is not a filter. You must use your regular filter and backwash (or clean the cartridges) regularly.

  • How long does it take to get the ion level up to operating level?

It usually takes 7 to 14 days in a pool, one day in a spa. During this time do not stop using your current sanitizer such as chlorine, bromine and algaecide until the ion level has reached .2pm .   If you can not get the oxidizer level up in that time frame read the troubleshooting guide.

  • How will I know when the proper ion level is achieved?

A copper test kit is included with the ClearBlue ionizer and a simple  test will indicate the copper level. If the copper is at the proper level then the silver will be also. 

  • Can I run ClearBlue on a timer with the pump?

We recommend that ClearBlue be on a separate circuit which is not on a timer. ClearBlue can run full time 24/7 even if the pump is off and the water is not circulating. The microscopic ions will concentrate in the pipe and will be dispersed to the pool or spa when the pump starts again. If the water drains from the electrodes when the pump is off then no ionization will take place while the pump is not on. The ionizer is a low voltage (12V) and therefore runs on pennies a day.

  • Should I use an algaecide?

The use of an algaecide is optional. It is always a safety precaution which help prevent the surprise of an algae attack due to a heavy rain or heavy bather load.  Do not use a copper algeacide. 

  • How do I close the pool?

Before closing the pool set the controller to maximum to get the ion level  high. Ions will stay in the water all winter long and keep the water algae free. (Note: a safety cover is generally of a mesh which will let sediment into the pool and increased the organic load).The use of an oxidizer (commonly called shocking the pool) is optional. DO not recommend you use a powdered oxidizer such as calcium hypochlorite. . A non chlorine oxidizer is recommended. As always,pH and total alkalinity levels must be within their proper range. The ClearBlue unit should be removed and stored in a warm place.

How does ClearBlue compare with a salt based chlorinator?

Salt based chlorinators break down the salt that has been added converts it to a form a form of liquid chlorine. The liquid chlorine produced oxidizes any organic matter and quickly recombines with the sodium. The salt system is a  chlorine based sanitizer even though you do not have the hassle of adding chlorine, you just add salt instead. Some people like the feel of salt water and other don't like the feel of the residue left on the body and hair, and you may need to shower after swimming in in the pool. ClearBlue uses pure minerals as ant-bacterial and disinfectant and is not chlorine (chemical) based.

Can ClearBlue be used on salt pools, and is there any benefit?

ClearBlue (ions) will work effectively in a salt pool. The salt (chlorine) generator can be turned down to the lowest setting for the production of chlorine (oxidizer). When the salt generator membrane needs replacing the system can be permanently removed and 1/2 a chlorine puck may be added to the skimmer once a week instead.     

Does it make a difference if I have  heater?

No. ClearBlue is designed to have constant a constant current source which automatically adjusts ionization rate. This keeps ionization constant regardless of water temperature and/or conductivity.

How long do the electrodes last, and how do I check them?

Check periodically - every two to three weeks. A good indication that they need attention is if the copper level in the pool dwindles. The "ionizing" light on the control box only illuminates when 80mA of current is going through the electrodes into the water. If the light is not illuminating there is a good probability that the electrodes need replacing. The electrodes should last 1 to 3 seasons in a pool depending on the size, conductivity and usage. An average of 2 years may be expected in a spa.The electrodes may need to be removed and cleaned every few weeks depending on the water source. They can be easily cleaned by scraping or with a wire brush.

Can I use well water to fill my pool?

Most well water is fine. High iron content may cause a metallic taste to the water and cause rust stains. It is not a bad idea to take a well water sample to a pool shop and have them test for alkalinity, pH as well as other parameters such as TDS, turbidity, etc. Then you will know that the well water is in good shape. We recommend that as you top off the pool after pool opening that you test the water before you turn on the ionizer. This is simply to get an accurate sample of water for testing.

Are ions harmful if I drink pool water?

The EPA has published guidelines for the amount of silver, copper and zink ions that are required for good health and the maximum daily intake. You would have to drink over 900 litres (200 imperial gallons) of pool water a day to come close to reaching the maximum level per day.

Will ions turn my hair green?

Because of the low copper levels (0.2 - 0.4)ppm you will not get any discoloration. Beware of ionizers that put too much copper ito the water. ClearBlue takes into account salinity, chemistry and conductivity of the water for a constant ion output which is regulated by the digital controller.

Can I add a sequestering agent to the pool?

NO!!! You should NOT use a sequestering agent with an ionizer. A  sequestering agent is normally used to put metal, lime etc. into suspension so that  they do not stain or plate out on the pool. The sequestering agent will also do the same of the silver and copper causing them to be useless in the pool.

​If you have already added a sequestering agent to your pool or spa it will combine with minerals and get collected by the filter and back-washed away within a month. Therefor you can use your ionizer after this period without depleting the copper, silver and zink ions.

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