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Registered for use in Canada by Health Canada

Registration No. 29954 Pest Control Products Act

CSA & CE Approved​

The Silver Water System with the ClearBlue Ionizer

What is the Silver Water System?

The Silver Water System is a tool for disinfecting and purifying water in pools, spas, fountains The system reduces the need for many chemicals with a process called ionization and substantially reduces chemical costs. Silver is the disinfectant, copper attacks algae and the zink in the ClearBlue system reduces the probability of staining.

How does it work?​

In  basic terms, the silver Water System works as follows. An electrode made of silver, copper, and zink is placed in a chamber.The chamber is mounted in the re-circulation system of a pool or spa. A safe low voltage DC current controller sends signals to the anode causing microscopic particles (ions) of silver,copper and zink to be dispersed into the water as it passes through the chamber.

Colloidal Silver(AG) kills most known bacteria, viruses and protozoa such as HIV, Legionella Pneumophila (legionnaire disease), streptoccoccus, E-coli and salmonella. Silver is also beneficial in treating minor burns, wounds and scrapes. Silver was utilized by NASA for water purification in their Apollo missions


Colloidal Copper (CU) ions prevent algae growth. Copper is one of the best algaecide killers  known to man over many centuries.


Collodal Zink (ZN)  helps prevent stains and rings on the spa basins and pool liners and paint.


While lethal to bacteria and many viruses and algae, this system is completely safe for humans, animals and plants.

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