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Salt Water Chlorine Generators, Pros and Cons

It is a myth that salt water pools use no chlorine! A salt water unit manufactures liquid chlorine as pool water passes thru. Health Canada requires chlorine in a pool, hot tub or spa.  If chlorination by hand or mechanical means is used the   chlorine level mandated is much higher then with an ionization system or  salt water chlorination. With ionization or salt water pools the mandated levels are much lower - probably lower then  tap water. A documented and referenced article  on salt water pools may be had from Wikipedia. This contains references.

Comparisons of ionization and salt water systems


Many urban municipalities have by-laws prohibiting salt water being discharged into storm sewers when back-washing or lowering the pool level for winter or for servicing. This can be an added expense if it is necessary to hire a tank truck to take the water away. Salt water may cause corrosion to concrete decks or to pool and pool equipment from an earlier vintage and not designed for salt water.

By comparison ionized pool water is perfectly safe to be back washed or otherwise pumped into the storm sewer when back-washing or lowering the pool level for winter or servicing. With ClearBlue  ionization if the pool filter and ionizer units are on separate circuits the pool filter may be turned off to save electricity. The ionizer will continue to provide ionized water that will be flushed into the pool once the filter is turned on. Damage may occur if a salt water unit is left on and no water is passing thru for any reason such as plugged skimmer baskets.

Pool Water Maintenance

With ClearBlue there is very little maintenance. Check and maintain pH and total alkalinity and copper levels with the test strips provided. Drop a 3" chlorine puck or add a 1/4 cup (depending on pool size) of stabilized chlorine  weekly. Shocking not necessary . Copper and silver and zink ions are not effected by sunlight and do provide protection if the chlorine level accidentally gets low or power outage etc.  ClearBlue does not effect pH levels.

Salt water units depend solely on chlorine for sanitation and there is very  little residual if the unit is off, also chlorine dissipates quickly in sunlight. The chlorine manufactured in the unit will cause the pH level to rise which requires maintenance. Shocking not necessary as the water is shocked (super chlorinated) as it passes thru the salt unit. The purchase of chlorine is eliminated but you will have to buy salt and periodically add it to the pool and sweep it around until dissolved.


The cost of the ClearBlue units and mineral cells are shown in the shop page. Generally you ill find the initial cost of salt water chlorine generators to be more expensive as will the replacement mineral cells. You will not have to buy chlorine but you will need salt and all the other chemicals associated with chlorine pools. Added up may be more then conventional chlorinating methods.

ClearBlue will reduce chemical costs up to 75%, provide round-the-clock sanitation and be kind to the environment. It truly is the green way to keep your pol or spa blue!

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