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I I really like your ionizer solution and have to admit I can not believe how easy it is..........

Blaine Drouillard, Ontario, Canada

Mission Completed! ClearBlue  highly recommended! Your system has passed my Baja Test with flying colours so I will plan on placing it on every spa we sell.

Tim Cottrell, CA, United States

I have been using the ClearBlue Ionizer for about a year now and couldn't be happier. The spa feels and smells great and the best part.......I don't come out red and itchy.



Kim Halter, SK. Canada

I have been getting unbelievable results from these ionizers and recommend them to all my customers.

Rory Payne, Ontario Canada

We saved at least $350.00 this season because of the reduction in chlorine use, not to mention the time saved in pool maintenance.

Lisa Colvin, Ontario Canada

We push your product because we believe in it. When I used chemicals I couldn't make it through one cycle in our hot tub. If it wasn't for you guys our hot tub would be a waste of money. As for the pool my next door neighbour is allergic to chlorine and he loves the fact that he swims in our pool anytime with no issues. So we will continue to sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

Jim Dicks, N.S. Canada

As you may have on-record I have successfully used your ionizer for three seasons.

I use it on my above ground 18' round pool.


I am grateful for your product and that I invested in your system.

Your ionizer system has provided me withe excellent results!

Your system has greatly reduced my pool maintenance chores and the pool water is more resilient to variable conditions.

My family enjoys the water experience much more.

Visitors nearly always comment on the water's fee, lack of chemical smell and the clarity of the water.

I am great full for your product and the reliable functioning of the system.

Youe system was easy to understand, install, monitor and the multiple benefits allow us to enjoy the pol more.


Thank you again for a product that has worked so well in my family's pool.

Richard Ross, CO, USA.





Well first things first. Thank you Argenia systems and especially Brian for introducing me to your terrific product. I am so impressed witht he ststem that we invite everyone over for a swim. I was amazed at how eazy it was to install and operate. It took no effrst at all and aloud me more freedom when it came to the amintenance of the pool. The water tests were always constant which meant less chemicals needed, never any algae and the saving in time and money! The water sparkled, felt softer and the kids were able to swim longer without googles! Combine all this and the fact is .........I enjoy my pool more then ever before. Thanks again,


The Hill Family, ON, Canada

I recently installed ClearBlue in our outdoor family spa.The installation was very easy to do and the service Sabrina gave me from Argenia was excellent,

I have a teenage daughter that has her friends over to use the spa and prior to having ClearBlue it would take days and lots of chemicals to clear up the water leaving the spa not useable for the time period but now I am impressed on how the system has worked on keeping the water crystal  clear and no odour without the addition of extra chemicals and no out of use time.


I can foresee that the time frame for the necessity of changing the water will be extended considerably as very little chemicals are now used and the water will not become saturated with total dissolved solids as before. This means much time savings, costs and out of service times that was related to water changes every 3 - 4 months, something that is very difficult during the winter months,

The Hubenig family, SK. Canada

You may not remember but we talked and e-mailed a couple of years ago when I was building a baptismal in St. Mathews Catholic church in Tyrone Georgia. I had searched for a suitable water sterilizer that would be effective without requiring chemicals which might be harmful, especially to infants. Your Silver Water System Ionizer seemed perfect if it performed as advertised. In spite of reservations of several parishioners I went ahead with the Argenia System and am pleased it has performed beyond expectations.

In March 2010 it will have been in continuous service for two years, The font water has remaines sparkling clear and clean. I had vowed in the beginning that I would provide water that I would not be afraid to pour in an infants eyes. Chlorine was out of the question as were other chemical based systems. I use a very small amount of non-chlorine oxidizer to begin the process when the font refilled with fresh water. I have to admit that, although I could not detect any algae or fungi in the water I was concerned that there could still be invisible bacteria or viruses. Several hundred hand are dipped in the water weekly which could cause questionable conditions Some  parishioners also had the same concern.


To resolve my concerns prior to replacing the water in September 2009 I provided samples to laboratory responsible for testing he public water system i my county. The results were The results were very gratifying. There were no contaminates found. The lab technician primarily tested for Coliform, found none and said there were no need to test further for if there were no Coliform preent there would be no E-coli or other contaminates present. He further stated that the water I provided was some of the purest water he had ever seen.

When the results were announced in the church the entire congregation applauded (something you seldom see in a Catholic church). Needless to say we were highly pleased with the results of the Silver Water System and have recommended it to other churches.





Bob Imsand, GA, USA



My wife and I were extremely pleased with how well our new ionization system workes this past summer.

Dianne Fitzgerald, ON, Canada

We only got our spa installed about 3 weeks ago. We installed the ionizer before filling with water. It has worked well. I am enclosing a picture of our spa and the view from it. I believe it shows how clear he water is. We have used very little chlorine in the water. We enjoy ur spa for 30 minutes each evening. We thank CleaBlue fir the chlorine free but very clear water.

Fred Webb, CA, USA

We purchases a spa system and now the water in our spa is beautiful and clear and clean, the pool smell is gone also. The product seems to be working very well. Thank You.

Don Buzinsky, SK, Canada

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